The new HLN series Very Scary People features a 2-hour episode about the Zodiac case on Sunday April 14th. Includes interviews with survivor Bryan Hartnell, authors Robert Graysmith and Mark Hewitt, cipher expert David Oranchak, writer Michael Butterfield & others.


The “Zodiac” mystery is now the subject of a new true crime podcast titled MONSTER: THE ZODIAC KILLER – Click here to learn more.

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CLICK HERE to watch The History Channel Documentary MysteryQuest, featuring the original investigators assigned to the Zodiac case, including Ken Narlow of the Napa County Sheriff’s Office, Ed Rust of the Vallejo Police Department, Pierre Bidou of the Benicia Police Department, with criminalist Paul Holes, Chief Forensic Services Division of the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department, and writer Michael Butterfield, owner of ZodiacKillerFACTS.com.