NOTE TO THE READER: Tom Voigt of the website and his informant Blaine Blaine have claimed that they own the copyright to the so-called "Goldcatcher Audio Confession" which was recorded by Blaine Blaine in 2009 as well as several audio recordings of telephone conversations between Richard Gaikowski and Blaine Blaine. Voigt and Blaine have threatened legal action against anyone who posts these audio recording or any transcripts of their contents online. Neither Voigt nor Blaine have made these recordings available to the public-- in fact, Tom Voigt and Blaine Blaine have suppressed these recordings and have withheld them from public view during the years that he named Richard Gaikowski as a Zodiac suspect and promoted Gaikowski's former friend Blaine Blaine as a credible informant. The "Golcatcher Audio Confession" contains Blaine's newest statements regarding his state of mind, his claims and his actions during his amateur efforts to investigate the Zodiac case. When compared to Blaine's prior statements concerning the same events, etc., Blaine's "confession" proves that he has changed his stories, embellished his accounts, made sensational and obviously false claims, accused Gaikowski of numerous crimes without a shred of credible evidence, claimed he was present during or had participated in several murders, and contradicted his other statements. For these reasons and others, Tom Voigt and Blaine Blaine suppressed these recordings, knowing that public exposure of Blaine's statements would reveal that Voigt's informanthad a long and documented history as a crackpot. In fact, Blaine claimed that members of law enforcement, including Napa County Sheriff's Department investigator Ken Narlow, were conspiring to harass and discredit him in order to further what Blaine claimed was a massive conspiracy to protect Gaikowski and bury the truth about the Zodiac crimes. Blaine claimed that Gaikowski was somehow linked to other notorious crimes, including the bombing of a police building, the killing of a policemen, and the murders of several people including a young boy. Blaine also claimed that Richard Gaikowski was somehow linked to the now-infamous Badher Meinhoff gang. Blaine claimed that he was present when Gaikowski and members of the political terror group were discussing a possible assassination attempt on then-President Ronald Reagan. Blaine's stories were so bizarre and obviously false that every single member of law enforcement who ever encountered Blaine described him as a crackpot-- even the late SFPD Inspector Mike Maloney referred to Blaine as one of the top three Zodiac "kooks" of all time.

The "Goldcatcher Audio Confession" proves that Blaine Blaine is not a credible informant and that his accusations against Richard Gaikowski have absolutely no basis in fact. Therefore, Tom Voigt and Blaine Blaine do not want the public to hear these recordings and have therefore taken action to suppress this material, including threats of legal action. People who told the truth would have nothing to fear and wouldn't be afraid to let the public hear them tell their side of the story. Blaine Blaine and Tom Voigt don't want YOU to hear Blaine's statements because they don't want you to learn the truth.