Month: September 2010

The Lake Berryessa Files

Forty-one years have passed since the Zodiac attacked Bryan Hartnell and Cecelia Shepard at Lake Berryessa back in 1969. Despite a valiant battle for her life, Cecelia died within days of the brutal stabbing, but Bryan survived to provide a bizarre and horrifying glimpse into the motives and mind of the Zodiac. Many people struggle to comprehend the events of that fateful day and to gather information about this infamous crime.

As part of an ongoing effort to provide official documents, photographs, the Zodiac letters, and other material, this site has been updated with a collection of images and documents regarding the Zodiac’s attack at Lake Berryessa. This collection has been designed to be user-friendly and for easy, reliable access.

The collection includes the following items:


* Bryan Hartnell and Cecelia Shepard


* Lake Berryessa, September 1969

The Zodiac’s Message: The Car Door

Photographs of the car door

Video of the car door

The Evidence:

* The Boot Prints and Clothesline

The Phone Booth

* Photographs of the Phone Used By The Zodiac to Call The Napa Police Department


* Sketches of the Zodiac in costume and a man seen at the lake


Read the reports produced by the Napa County Sheriff’s Department and other agencies, including:

* NCSD Report: Ken Narlow and others (19 pages)

* NCSD Report: Hal Snook (4 pages)

* NCSD Report: Collins and Land (6 pages – one page missing)

* NCSD Report: RE: the three girls at the lake (1 page)

* NCSD Report: RE: Gun used by the Zodiac (1 page)

* Napa Police Department: Report by Dispatcher David Slaight re: Zodiac call (1 page)

* FBI Report: re: Fingerprints (3 pages)

* CA Dept. Of Justice/CII Report (2 pages)

* CA Highway Patrol Report: RE: Bryan Hartnell’s car (1 page)

* Transcript: Interview with Bryan Hartnell (13 pages)

* Transcript: Written account by Bryan Hartnell (2 pages)


* Video of the car door

* Interview with Park Ranger William White

* Interviews with NCSD Capt. Donald Townsend

* Bryan Hartnell’s Hospital Interview for TV News