To learn more about the Zodiac ciphers, visit ZodiacKillerCiphers.com, David Oranchak’s invaluable site featuring analysis of the Zodiac’s ciphers, examination of proposed solutions, and the “Zodiac Webtoy” which allows visitors to test their own code-breaking skills on the unsolved Zodiac ciphers.

Watch David Oranchak’s new YouTube series “Let’s Crack Zodiac,” a look at the Zodiac’s ciphers as well as the proposed solutions, various theories, and possible methods to decipher the killer’s mysterious messages.

Listen to an interview with David Oranchak (ZodiacKillerCiphers.com) about the history of the Zodiac’s 408 symbol cipher in episode #1 of the podcast ZODIAC: A TO Z, now available for free on iTunes, Spotify, Apple podcasts, podbean.com, and more.

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David Oranchak returns for episode #8 of the ZODIAC: A TO Z podcast to talk about the Zodiac’s 340 symbol cipher.

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Mike Morford (ZodiacKillerSite.com) and David Oranchak join Michael Butterfield (ZodiacKillerFacts.com) to talk about the 50th anniversary of the Zodiac’s still-unsolved “340 Cipher.”

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