“MysteryQuest” Documentary

The History Channel documentary MysteryQuest was filmed in April 2009 and first aired on September 30, 2009. Writer Michael Butterfield toured the Zodiac crime scenes with criminalist Paul Holes, Chief Forensic Services Division of the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department, and the original investigators assigned to the “Zodiac” case, including Ken Narlow of the Napa County Sheriff’s Office, Ed Rust of the Vallejo Police Department, and Pierre Bidou of the Benecia Police Department.

MysteryQuest is available on DVD at Amazon.com.


NOTE: MysteryQuest also examined the theory that former writer and film maker Richard Gaikowski was the Zodiac, and featured the man behind the accusations, Blaine Blaine aka Goldcatcher aka Zakatarious. Blaine appeared along with his promoters, Tom Voigt (zodiackiller.com) and his associate, David Morris. The program also included an interview with Nancy Slover, the former Vallejo police dispatcher who spoke to the Zodiac on the telephone shortly after the shooting at Blue Rock Springs Park in July 1969. To learn more about the accusations against Richard Gaikowski, visit the ZodiacKillerFACTS page RICHARD GAIKOWSKI: The Wrong Man.