ZODIAC RADIO – Original Broadcasts & Interviews

[NOTE: These recordings were compiled from various sources and vary in quality and sound levels.]


Infamous conspiracy radio host Mae Brussell talks about the Zodiac crimes, the 1978 “Zodiac” hoax letter, and San Francisco police Inspector David Toschi. In this and related programs, Brussell shares her theories that a sinister government conspiracy was behind the Zodiac killings, the New York “Son of Sam” shootings, and the Manson murders.

MAE BRUSSELL : The Zodiac Killer 7/14/78 – FULL SHOW * ZODIAC ONLY Version

MAE BRUSSELL : Son of Sam – Part 1 * Part 2

MAE BRUSSELL : Charles Manson is a Patsy



In 1992, self-described “anti-facist, anti-Nazi” conspiracy radio host Dave Emory devoted broadcasts to reading a series of Zodiac articles written by Harry Martin in the Napa Sentinel. Martin claimed that the Zodiac murders were part of an elaborate conspiracy linked to the infamous Manson murders and other crimes.

Dave Emory’s 4-part series: “Team Zodiac & Manson’s Connections to the Zodiac Killings



ROBERT GRAYSMITH: A Closer Look – Shortly after the release of his book AMERITHRAX, Robert Graysmith (author of Zodiac and Zodiac Unmasked) appeared on the radio program, A CLOSER LOOK, broadcast on the Paranet Continuum Network. Known for content devoted almost exclusively to UFO and conspiracy theories and discussions, the network features interviews with guests who tell sensational and often unbelievable tales. During the interview, Graysmith made more than 17 inaccurate, unsubstantiated, exaggerated, distorted or false statements in less than 12 minutes as he attempted to convict his suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen, in the court of public opinion. (A break down of the interview can be read in the article GRAYSMITH: A Closer Look.)

Graysmith Radio Interview : Part 1 Part 2



BILL NELSON: The Paranet Continuum – Bill Nelson, owner of Pen Power Publications, published his own book titled MANSON: Behind the Scenes, as well as The Zodiac/Manson Connection written by his associate, Howard Davis. In this 1997 interview, Nelson discusses his book and the Zodiac/Manson theory.

Bill Nelson Radio Interview : Part 1Part 2Part 3

HOWARD DAVIS: The Paranet Continuum – Howard Davis, author of The Zodiac/Manson Connection, discusses his then-newly released book in this interview from 1997. Davis also mentions his original “tip” regarding the alleged law enforcement conspiracy to conceal the fact that the Manson family was responsible for the Zodiac crimes. (An in-depth article examining the Manson/Zodiac theory and the Davis conspiracy claims can be read in the article CONSPIRAZ.)

Howard Davis Radio Interview : Part 1Part 2

Howard Davis on the Manson/Zodiac Cover-Up ConspiracyThe “Original Tip” Clip


HOWARD DAVIS and “WHITE RABBIT” – The man who claims to have inside knowledge of the Zodiac/Manson conspiracy meets with a man who claims to have known the Zodiac. White Rabbit, an ex-convict and Manson family member who once ran for political office on the “Manson Ticket,” claims that Manson family member Bruce Davis was the Zodiac. White Rabbit sold a Manson letter to Howard Davis which purportedly read, “Don’t talk about Zodiac.” The two men discuss the letter in this audio clip recorded on the streets of San Francisco in 2002. Davis and White Rabbit both appear in the YouTube CONSPIRAZ video clip.

Howard Davis and White Rabbit : Don’t Talk About Zodiac



GARETH PENN and MICHAEL O’HARE: The Anthony Hilder Show – This 1987 radio broadcast features both the accuser and the accused. Host Anthony J. Hilder lured Michael O’Hare onto the air by asking the Harvard lecturer to discuss public policy but the interview eventually turns to the Gareth Penn’s claims that O’Hare was the infamous Zodiac killer. O’Hare denied the accusations before ending the interview, and Penn then discussed his various mathematical theories. This broadcast also includes questions from callers and is accompanied by an introductory clip from The ART BELL SHOW featuring a caller who claims that the Zodiac murders were part of an elaborate work of earthform art and that the famous artist Christo knows the identity of the killer. In this interview — recorded years before Bell’s caller made this claim — Penn compared his theory of the Zodiac’s earthform art to the work of the famous artist Christo. (The Zodiackillerfacts.com article TIMES 17: The World According to Gareth features an examination of the Penn/O’Hare history, and O’Hare’s article titled HOW A CONSPIRACY THEORIST WHO THOUGHT I WAS THE ZODIAC ALMOST RUINED MY LIFE.)

Penn / O’Hare Radio Show

Part 1: Introduction w/ Gareth Penn

Part 2: O’Hare on Public Policy

Part 3: Ambushing the Suspect

Part 4: PennPart 5: PennPart 6: PennPart 7: Penn

GARETH PENN: The Radian Theory – In this isolated clip from The Anthony J. Hilder Show, Penn describes his radian discovery and theories. (Penn’s entire “Radian Theory” was debunked in the article GARETH PENN, MT. DIABLO and The RADIAN THEORY.)

Gareth Penn : The Story of the Radian Theory



The GOLDCATCHER “CONFESSION” Tape – In this 2-hour audio recording from 2009, Blaine Blaine (aka Goldcatcher aka Zakatarious) told a bizarre and confusing tale of his encounters with his suspect Richard Gaikowski. Blaine claimed that he solved the Zodiac’s codes, and that he witnessed and/or participated in several murders. Blaine also explained his many theories linking Gaikowski to many other murders. Blaine’s recorded account conflicts with the original version of events documented in his many writings from the late 1980s.

An in-depth examination of Blaine’s history and unsubstantiated claims can be read in the article Richard Gaikowski: The Wrong Man and in the blog-entry titled A BLAINE BY ANY OTHER NAME. Information regarding theories surrounding The San Francisco Good Times newspaper is available in the blog-entry titled LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL.

[ NOTE: The audio recording known as “Goldcatcher’s Confession” is no longer available on the Internet. Tom Voigt, owner of the website www.zodiackiller.com, claimed that he owned the copyright to this and other audio recordings which proved that Goldcatcher was not a credible informant. Desperate to hide the evidence which proved that his informant was a crackpot, Voigt relentlessly harassed those who had posted the audio recordings online and filed complaints against webhosts in order to block access to the recordings. Voigt happily uses his website to promote Blaine as a credible informant while accusing his pet suspect Richard Gaikowski, yet Voigt does not make these recordings available to the public at his website. Voigt also filed several false claims of copyright infringement in a desperate attempt to prevent anyone from posting a photograph depicting Voigt and Goldcatcher together during filming of the History Channel documentary MYSTERYQUEST. The publicity still in question was actually owned by KPI Television, the producers of MYSTERYQUEST, and had been cited as such on the KPI and MysteryQuest websites. Read more about Tom Voigt and his efforts to exploit Blaine Blaine and accuse Richard Gaikowski in the ZodiacKillerFACTS articles Gaikowski & MysteryQuest: The Rest of the Story and Tom Voigt, The “Good Times Switchboard,” & Revisionist History. ]



DENNIS KAUFMAN and his stepfather JACK TARRANCE: In 1999, Dennis Kaufman watched The Learning Channel documentary CASE REOPENED and concluded that his stepfather, Jack Tarrance, was a good Zodiac suspect. Soon, Kaufman was contacting law enforcement agencies about his ever-expanding collection of “evidence,” including photographs which he claimed depicted the dead bodies of Jack’s victims, a knife, and a hood similar to the bizarre costume worn by the Zodiac at Lake Berryessa in September, 1969. According to Kaufman, authorities embraced his proposed solution to the case but then thwarted his efforts and worked to discredit him. On the message board of his website, Kaufman and his followers claimed that author Robert Graysmith, Tom Voigt of the website Zodiackiller.com, and others had somehow altered the Zodiac letters in an attempt to prevent comparisons of the killer’s writing and that of Jack Tarrance. More than a decade after he first “solved” the case, Dennis Kaufman now claims that Jack was also responsible for the infamous “Black Dahlia” murder in 1947. These audio clips reveal Kaufman in his early days, in recorded telephone conversations with Jack shortly before the suspect died in 2004, and Kaufman’s telephone conversation with an FBI agent.

Dennis Kaufman: FBI Phone Conversation

Dennis Kaufman & Jack Tarrance: Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4

Dennis Kaufman & Jack Tarrance: Cutting Throats

During his appearance at Tom Voigt’s so-called “Task Force Meeting” in 2002, Kaufman claimed that law enforcement sources told him that a suspect sketch was authentic, yet the facts prove that this sketch was produced without any official involvement by an out-of-state artist who acted on his own initiative. In these audio clips, Kaufman answers questions from members of Voigt’s message board, claims that he once witnessed Jack attacking a young woman and that Jack’s other son acted as an accomplice during the attack at Lake Berryessa. Kaufman also plays a tape recording of his conversation with Jack Tarrance.

Dennis Kaufman: Tells His Story

Dennis Kaufman: The Conversation With Jack