6 – ConspiraZ Theory : Fairy Tales

A handful of individuals insisted that Howard Davis was simply duped by a bragging brother-in-law telling a tall tale, or, in an alternate scenario, the brother-in-law was telling the truth but now refuses to talk about the conspiracy. In both versions, Davis played the innocent do-gooder while the brother-in-law was cast as the villain, a man who either deceived his former relative with elaborate lies about a massive cover-up or a man who actually participated in a very real conspiracy to conceal the shocking connection between two of the most horrific crime sprees in American history. Those who defended Davis apparently preferred to believe that his former brother-in-law was a liar and that Howard Davis was telling the truth, never considering the possibility that the brother-in-law may be telling truth and that Davis had invented the conspiracy story to bolster his Zodiac/Manson theories while boosting book sales and web traffic.

Vincent Bugliosi also denied that he had ever been “exposed” to evidence presented by Davis “piece at a time” (or otherwise) until Bugliosi “changed his mind” and came to believe that a Zodiac/Manson connection was “possible.” Observers are apparently asked to believe that Vincent Bugliosi was also lying about these facts and Howard Davis was telling the truth when he wrote that Bugliosi was “informed on what I uncovered,piece at a time,including new info,not yet published,he changed his mind and could see how this scenario was possible.His many questions were answered to his satisfaction,knowning that it is a work in progress,just like on every other Zodiac suspect.” Howard Davis and Vincent Bugliosi told two, mutually exclusive and very different stories.

Davis repeatedly portrayed criticism of his conspiracy claims as isolated and unwarranted attacks. He described his critics as “pollyannas,” an obvious desire to paint that criticism as somehow naive about the harsh realities of life and the truth about real life conspiracies. Davis and his claims had been rejected, refuted, and debunked by his own sources and individuals with decades of experience in the criminal justice system, such as Vincent Bugliosi, BIL LAW, Sandi Gibbons and anyone else with even the most basic knowledge of the law. According to Davis and his rules, Gibbons, Bugliosi, the brother-in-law and others were pollyannas.

Many individuals accused various suspects and law enforcement agencies often rejected these theories. The failure to arrest a given Zodiac suspect raises the obvious questions: If credible evidence exists to implicate that suspect then why wasn’t he arrested and prosecuted? Why do the authorities reject your theories? For some, the easiest answer is conspiracy. Someone is concealing the truth, someone is protecting the suspect, or exposing the truth would shatter the public and destroy careers. Dennis Kaufman, Blaine Blaine, Steve Hodel, Howard Davis and others claimed that the Zodiac killer had escaped justice and they blamed incompetence, corruption, and cover-ups. Inspector Kelly Carroll of the San Francisco Police Department once remarked on the conspiratorial thinking. “We live in an ‘X-Files’ era with grand conspiracies to explain everything.” Howard Davis may continue to mock his critics rather than provide a coherent and legitimate rebuttal to criticism, and he may find an audience willing to accept his sensational claims. Cover-ups may occur in some instances but the story of the Zodiac/Manson conspiracy cannot withstand the scrutiny of common sense.

Private investigator Bill Warner’s website featured the headline “Bruce Mcgregor Davis Enforcer for the Manson Family and Zodiac Killer on Charles Manson’s Orders.” Another website featured claims that the Manson murders and Zodiac crimes were linked to the CIA, the mafia, and other sinister forces, and each theory implied yet another massive cover-up. These sites served as reminders that persistent myths continued to plague the Zodiac mystery. Despite the overwhelming evidence which demonstrated that the Zodiac/Manson conspiracy story was a hoax, some preferred to believe in a fantasy version of reality filled with nonsensical cover-ups. Howard Davis and many others will undoubtedly continue to cry conspiracy as long as they can find anyone who still believes in fairy tales.


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