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Betty Lou Jensen

David Faraday

Darlene Ferrin

Michael Mageau (survived)

Cecelia Shepard

Bryan Hartnell (survived)

Paul Stine

Also: Possible victim Kathleen Johns, possible victim Cheri Jo Bates,

possible victims Robert Domingos and Linda Edwards, and others


Solano County Sheriff’s Office

Benicia Police Department

Vallejo Police Department

Napa County Sheriff’s Office

Napa Police Department

San Francisco Police Department

California Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation


Vallejo Times-Herald

San Francisco Chronicle

Chronicle reporter Paul Avery

San Francisco Examiner

Los Angeles Times

Attorney Melvin Belli

Napa Police Department (telephone call)

Vallejo Police Department (telephone call)

Also: possible Oakland Police Department phone call, possible letters to Riverside Police Department,

Riverside Press-Enterprise & father of murder victim Cheri Jo Bates


* Arthur Leigh Allen, first accused by estranged friend Don Cheney in the early 1970s (and in the book ZODIAC under the pseudonym “Bob Hall Starr”)

* Michael O’Hare, first accused by theorist Gareth Penn in the early 1980s, then re-accused as Penn’s co-conspirator in Zodiac crimes by theorist Raymond Grant years later (and in the books TIMES 17 and THE ZODIAC MURDERS SOLVED!)

* “Andrew Todd Walker,” first accused by Lyndon Lafferty and others in the late 1970s (and in the book ZODIAC and THE SILENCED BADGE)

* Jack Beeman, first accused by his brother, lawyer William Beeman in the late 1980s (and in the book JACK THE ZODIAC)

* Richard Gaikowski, first accused by former co-worker “Blaine Blaine” aka “Goldcatcher” in the late 1980s

* Larry Kane, first accused by former police officer Harvey Hines in the late 1980s (re-accused by Sandy Betts and others)

* Jack Tarrance, first accused by his step-son, Dennis Kaufman in 2000

* Charles Manson and other members of “The Family,” first suspected in 1969 and re-accused by conspiracy theorist Howard Davis and others in the late 1990s (and in the books MANSON: BEHIND THE SCENES and THE ZODIAC/MANSON CONNECTION)

* Guy Ward Hendrickson, first accused by his step-daughter, Deborah Perez, in 2009

* “Mr. X,” first accused by theorist Mike Rodelli in the late 1990s

* Dr. George Hodel, first accused by his step-son Steve Hodel in the 2009 book MOST EVIL

* Ted Kaczynski, first suspected by Douglas Oswell and Michael Rusconi after Kaczynski was arrested for the so-called “Unabomber” crimes (and in the book The UNABOMBER AND THE ZODIAC)


* Heriberto Seda, responsible for a shooting spree in New York during the early 1990s; used the name “Zodiac” in letters similar to those written by the original Zodiac killer

* Edgar Patino Lopez, responsible for the murder of Megan Touma; left Zodiac crossed-circle at crime scene and in letter sent to local media



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