ZODIAC: Selected Radio/Podcast Interviews



This 15-part podcast series examines the unsolved “Zodiac” mystery and features retired Vallejo police detective Ed Rust, photographer Tom Balmer, former San Francisco Chronicle reporter Duffy Jennings, criminal psychologist Eric Hickey, San Francisco State University historian and lecturer Peter Richardson, retired forensic scientist and cold case investigator Paul Holes, cipher expert David Oranchak, writer Michael Butterfield, and others, with audio clips of surviving victim Bryan Hartnell, Leslie, the daughter of Zodiac codebreakers Donald and Bettye Harden, possible Zodiac victim Kathleen Johns, SFPD Inspector David Toschi, park ranger William White, and many others involved in the case.

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Click on the links below to listen to The “Zodiac Roundtable” discussion with Mike Morford (ZodiacKillerSite.com), David Oranchak (ZodiacKillerCiphers.com), Michael Butterfield (ZodiacKillerFacts.com), and host Al Warren.

ZR EP #1: Zodiac suspects – Arthur Leigh Allen, Ross Sullivan, and more

ZR EP #2: Zodiac Ciphers – The Zodiac’s 408 Cipher and more

ZR EP #3: Zodiac Letters – The Zodiac’s messages and unsolved ciphers

ZR EP #4: Zodiac Connections – Cheri Jo Bates and the “Riverside Connection”

Selected Radio/Podcast Interviews:

  • AIRTALK – “DNA: Zodiac and the Golden State Killer w/ host Larry Mantle – Guests: Anita Chabria, social justice reporter, Sacramento Bee, and Michael Butterfield, writer/researcher, ZodiacKillerFacts.com / /Aired May 4, 2018 – NPR affiliate KPCC California
  • SPACED OUT RADIO w/ Host Dave Scott; guest Michael Butterfield – December 2016

HOUSE OF MYSTERY: The Zodiac Files w/ host Alan R. Warren and writer Michael Butterfield


  • COAST TO COAST AM w/ host George Noury, featuring writer Michael Butterfield and Zodiac researcher Ed Neil, with other highlights.
  • ZODIAC: A to Z / Robert Graysmith’s Crooked Compass – In this segment of the audio webcast program ZODIAC: A to Z, writer Michael Butterfield and Zodiac researcher Ed Neil explain the geographic errors contained in the books Zodiac and Zodiac Unmasked. Recorded in 2007, this 7-part webcast examines the author’s many errors concerning the location of the crime scene on Lake Herman Road, the crime scene at Blue Rock Springs Park, the location of the pay phone used by the Zodiac to call the Vallejo Police Department, the crime scene at Lake Berryessa, the location of the Zodiac sighting on the night of his last known murder in San Francisco, the author’s infamous “hidden road” in Vallejo, and his claims regarding the Zodiac’s Mt. Diablo map. This audio webcast is accompanied by illustrations, maps, aerial photographs, and excerpts from Robert Graysmith’s books.

Interviews with Mike Morford, co-host Criminology Podcast, owner of ZodiacKillerSite.com