Zoltan Fortune Teller


Click on the title tracks below to hear Zoltan’s fortunes.
Track # 14, “Control Your Desires,” is the only audio clip featuring the phrase “This Is Zoltan Speaking.”

Sowing Wild Oats *  Take Action *  Upswing For You *  Your True Nature *  Get Away From It All *  Making Changes * Friendly Disagreements *  Your Favorite Pasttime * Make Yourself Happy *  Be Calm *  Look At The Bright Side * Financial Caution *  A Message For You Alone

*  Control Your Desires *

Balance Is The Key * Act With Confidence * Don’t Forget About You *  Making Changes *  Choosing Yourself*  Conserve For The Future *  Words of Wisdom * Don’t Be So Shy *  Take A Chance *  Positive Thoughts *  Avoid Misunderstandings *  Uncertainty In Your Future * Investigate Investments *  Use Restraint *  Get Things Done